Kids at St. John's

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me." (Matthew 19:14)

It is not uncommon at St. John’s to see a toddler wandering behind the altar or teenagers wearing silly mustaches. Being part of a church service is not about “behaving well” or “sitting quietly” – it’s about being part of the community.


Your children belong here, and so do you!

Children 0-3 Years Old

Your young children are joyfully welcome at our Sunday worship services. As Jamie Bruesehoff writes:


"I know it’s hard, but thank you for what you do when you bring your children to church. Please know that your family – with all of its noise, struggle, commotion, and joy – are not simply tolerated, you are a vital part of the community gathered in worship.”

There is a rocking chair in the back of the sanctuary along with toys and a coloring station. The bathroom on the main floor has a changing table.

Sunday School and Family Services

Currently our children are going through confirmation classes. 

Each child has a mentor; an older member of the congregation.  We are excited for them to find their way as an adult to make their commitment to Christ.  

As more children come to St. John's, Sunday School will be taught by several dedicated teachers who have all gone through Safe Church training.  

Youth Group

Starting in sixth grade, children are invited to join the St. John’s Youth Group.  During the school year, they meet as schedules permit.  

Young people today are incredibly busy with school and extra-curricular activities. Youth Group offers kids a unique, safe space where they are not being evaluated or judged. They learn how to form a faith community with their peers and how to live faithfully outside the boundaries of Sunday morning worship.

Confirmation Class

Confirmation class provides space to ask questions about the church and spirituality.  It is a time when teens and adults make the decision that they have chosen to be active members of the church through in depth classes with mentors and teachers from the parish family.  Here in St. John’s, we invite our teens in the sixth grade and up to start Confirmation Class. Preparation includes monthly classes on Sunday afternoons, participation in Youth Group, integration into parish life, meeting with a sponsor, and service projects - possibly a mission trip! 


Classes will continue into next Spring where the older members of our group will be invited to be confirmed.