Our Hives

In the winter of 2020 St. John's became host to two new beehives. Our trained beekeepers maintain the hives through the year. Those wishing to be involved with this ministry should contact the church.

O Holy Spirit, who once blessed Israel and nourished them with honey from a rock: We pray that you bless these bees, your own well-blest creatures. May the intensity of their self-offering lives awaken in us a reminder of the fruitfulness that such self-offering promises to yield in our own human community. May their vulnerability remind us both of our duty to them and of the vulnerability that touches all things. May the sweetness of their honey remind us of the sweetness of your love for them, for us, for all people, and of the bending infinity of Creation itself.

An Interview With Our Bee Keepers

To learn more about the bees at St. John's we invite you to watch an interview with our bee keepers.