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June 24, 2014 

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Summer Services



Reminder for Food Donations!

About St. John's

Summer Services Start June 29

This Sunday, June 29, we will begin our summer schedule.  There will be one service at 9:00am until Labor Day.  This Sunday I will be away.  Carol will be leading Morning Prayer and Dave W. will be preaching!  Please join them this weekend!


T-Shirts Can be Ordered Many Ways!

Last Sunday I took lots of orders for t-shirts.  My hope is to place the order on Monday, July 7 so that we get them on time.  The more t-shirts we order the better the price! The hope is to wear them for events like the Chicken BBQ.  There are more order forms at church and they will be there for the next two Sundays.  You may reply to this email and let me know which size(s) you'd like.  (Youth XS - Adult XXXL).  You may also go online and order through there.  You will not pay online, but rather pay us at church.  The link is here: order shirts here.  

The price per shirt will be $10-$15 and if this is a burden for your family, please let me know!  We want you to have a shirt!!  

A little note about the design:

I met with a professional graphic designer, Matthew Ford, who has donated his time to create a logo for our shirts (and for our other needs).  As we talked we decided that the logo needed to be simple, bold, memorable, and unique.  It also needed to have something that connected to who we are. We decided that the important symbols were our church building, the eagle, and the Bible.  Our historic building shows that we are community that has continuity.  It is rooted in the past, but continues to sustain us today.  The eagle is the symbol of St. John and represents death, resurrection and baptism.  We are community grounded in baptism and caring for those through their whole lives.  But also, with its bird's-eye view, the eagle represents keeping a wider view of the world and this represents our commitment to outreach in the world beyond our doors.  The Bible represents our commitment to lifelong learning and following the scriptures. I am thrilled with the work that Matt has done for us and very excited to be able to use this new logo!

Thank you

Thank you for a wonderful and fun picnic this Sunday.  And also a special thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help with the kids at Sunday School under the direction of Judy and Helene.  The kids love being at Sunday School and your support of this program is wonderful!

Reminder to Bring in Food for the Foodbank

This is just a quick reminder that Foodbank is always in need of food. Please remember to bring something in for our collection! 



Mother Mo

St. John's Episcopal Church